Designers 2010

MICA Runway 2010 - Green Fashionolgy
Fashion Show Presentation, Saturday, October 9, 7PM - 9PM
Designer: Gergely Szabo
Web Site: www.szabogergely.hu

Gergely Szabo's 2011 spring-summer collection invites us to dive into a mysterious universe with special blue hues and shades. The water and the sky become one. The summetry and reflection of the metal and water. The power of the blues in the paintings of Yves Klein. The painting invites and repels you at the same time. It's depth attracts, it's coolness pushes away. The softness of the blue is in contrast with the silver white shimmer, coolness and rigidity. His collection was inspired by the distance between New York City and his home Hungary, which are separated and connected by the vast Atlantic Ocean. Oceanion - his collection suggests momentum, motion attraction and repulsion, just like the power of water: it's gentleness and anger makes it constantly variable. The uniqueness of the clothing is a result of the mix of textile design and fine art. The designer's innate artistic abilities help create the harmony between colors and shapes. This harmony is reflected in a dynamic, youthful and modern collection
Designer: Liping Wu
Designer: Melissa Lockwood
Web Site: www.iqtest-nyc.com
Designer: Ajzha Kahn
Designer: Cheryl Altschuler
Web Site: http://www.cherifashions.com
Designer: ChaCha N'Kole
Web Site: http://www.chachankole.com
Designer: Jean Trix
Web Site: http://www.jeantrix.com

Talent Performers

Saturday, October 9, 7-9PM $100 per person and $150 VIP
Parris Duncan, also known as Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American singer, songwriter and performance artist. Jet matches a keen eye for glam with an undeniable ear for popular sounds.

Jet Phynx is the artist from 2020, styling today’s world with high fashion pop music. His artistic flair well serves his genius for business and marketing. Jet Phynx has the proven ability to create and mold a brand with mass appeal. Working independently, he has built a solid reputation and a fan base from prep school to college and beyond. Jet’s socialite credentials are impeccable. DJ Slice of 2 Live Crew mentored him in the art of Hip Hop and fostered collaborations with artists Flo Rida & Gym Class Heros. This led to Jet’s debut mix tape, “Rise of the Phynx”, which sold over 12,000 units worldwide and grabbed attention in URB Magazine’s Next 1000. Small wonder since it features songs with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. Jet Phynx has the faith, charisma, and intuition to sustain excitement and style. His singing, rapping, and dancing works its way into your heart and impresses long after the final encore. He extends far beyond the usual range for pop artists. Jet writes and delivers numerous masterpieces, both for himself and for others, and has created the new genre of “Pop Art” music. Jet’s latest Pop Art album, “The ART,” draws the listener inside the exclusive world of fashion shows, VIP events, and the lifestyles of the young, rich, and very famous.
Lidia Carew
Alvin Ailey Dancer

She Carew was born in Plamanova, Italy, the 31st of May 1989 and she grew up there with her parents and sister. When she was seven, she moved to Udine with her mom and her sister, and began her passion in dance. The first ten years of her life, she studied jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical jazz and hip-hop.

Then, she decides to study professional dance so she can get in to the Accademia Danza Milano Teatro Pierlombardo under the direction of Susanna Beltrami. She passed the audition and left home for the first time. For three years, she took ballet, cunnigham, modern, music and acting classes. Right after the graduation, Lidia left Italy to fly for the first time out of Europe and found herself in New York with a dream. Her dream is to be part of the Alvin Ailey Dance School. When she passed the audition, she moved to the Big Apple by herself, ready to jumpstart her dance career.

Currently, Lidia is still a student at the Alvin Ailey Dance School. Her great joy was not only moving to New York to pursue her dance dream, she’s a proud member of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.


October 10 2010, 4pm -5pm $20 per person at the door

Guthrie Nutter

This is Guthrie's third involvement with MICA Runway. Acting credits include: Broadway: Big River. Off Broadway: Children of a Lesser God. Regional:Lion In Winter, Aurora Leigh. Television: Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order CI. Co-created works: Where Thou Art. Guthrie is a docent at four NYC museums: Metropolitan, Guggenheim, Intrepid and Rubin Museum. Great thanks to J & J for this opportunity. Make it work...!!
Jonathan Kovacs
Founder of Rathskellar
Fred Michael Beam
Dancer, Performer, Director, and Producer

He has keen willpower to dedicate his knowledge for advancement of Black Deaf Awareness. He received training from various theatres, Folger Shakespeare Theatre, Arena Stage, Kennedy Center, Quest, Gallaudet University, Rochester Institute of Technology, National Deaf Dance Theatre, DuPont Dance Company, just to name a few.
Jubil Khan
Model, Dancer, Creative Director of VMP, Celebrity Interviewer

a native of Philadelphia, received a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from Temple University. A lover of the Dance Arts, at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, DC, she found and expanded her captivation in the vivid and swift melodic dance movements and rhythms of African and Hip Hop dance. She briefly participated in a renowned African American Deaf Dance Company ( WildZappers) and KanKoran's West African Dance Company based in Washington, DC.

Steeped in African and Hip Hop Dance form, she decided to expand her dance training in Modern and Ballet dance technique as well. Jubil took her passion in dance to train in further movements at the Temple University's Dance Program. She was also trained at several dance schools such as Kariamu Welsh African Dance Technique (Umfundalai), Philadelphia Dance School (Philadanco), Ione Nash African Dance Ensemble, University of the Arts, and theKoresh Studio.

While her dance experience flourished, she obtained fashion-modeling experience as well. Jubil participated in the Miss Black Deaf America Pageant and later won the Miss Black Deaf America 2000 title. She has worked with top fashion stylists, Karl Jay and Glenn Jackson, and other entertainment production companies. Her current acting and modeling agency is the Hilory Beckford Talent Management Company. In the future, Jubil hopes to establish a Performing Arts school and continue to build her Dance Company for the deaf as well as pave the way for deaf young women who want to pursue high fashion modeling career.
Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan
Filmmaker/Producer and Creator of MICA Runway
(Click on link to read Jade's bio)
Leyland Lyken aka dj Supalee
Americans #1 deaf disk jockey. He has performed and showcased events for deaf patrons all over the country. Supalee is the founder of ASL poetry, an event where hearing and deaf people can come together to recite poems and songs using sign language.

With 15 years of experience behind him as a DJ, supalee is still one of the hottest nightlife entrepreneurs in the deaf community today.


Sunday, October 10, 2PM - 4PM $20 per person
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Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan
Filmmaker/Producer and Creator of MICA Runway

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Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan: Writer, Producer, Director)
Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood: Executive Producer
Frank Colucci, Producer
Damon L. Tidwell, Director of Photography

SYNOPSIS: “IF YOU COULD HEAR MY OWN TUNE” is about an African-American Deaf woman and her romances with two musicians. It's a love story that everyone can relate to.

Fri. 10/8
NYU Cantor Film Center
36 East Eighth Street
NY, NY 10003 

$35 at door
Jules Dameron
Filmmaker with a Master’s degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California. Having founded Deaf Women in Film with the sole purpose for supporting, recognizing and helping all deaf women cultivate their careers, she’s also an avid supporter of all who are frequent users of American Sign Language, especially associated with the film and arts industry. Hailing from Minnesota, she extends a friendly demeanor towards all she works with. In addition to Deaf Women in Film, Jules pursues her abiding love for directing films, having directed numerous short films. Jules is the CEO of her film production company, Damname Productions. She resides with her husband and three cats in North Hollywood.




Synopsis: An experimentation of creating a music video where American Sign Language is the primary deciding factor to affect the music and English lyrics' development. This music video is intended for all audiences, ages 13 and above.

A music video in American Sign Language. Performance and Lyrics by Nyke Prince

Diana Beato
She was born and raised in New York City. Diana Beato received her BA from the City College of New York in 1995, where she majored in marketing, graphic design with a minor in architecture and photography. Diana Beato currently works with video creating short experimental video art and documentaries for artistic purposes. She is currently employed with the NYPD. Prior to NYPD Beato has worked in print, interactive design for web, video and animation for many Fortune 500 and technology companies since 1992. She currently enjoys using video as her main medium to explore new subject matters and collaborates with other filmmakers.



SYNOPSIS: Deaf Do Us Part is a short documentary about a NYPD officer, who volunteers for a deaf organization, and discovers a new perspective, experiences and view of the deaf community she is now involved with.

Martin Wright
Gamelab London

Martin Wright has been a producer and director with BBC Education, as a senior producer at the Open University where he established and led the BBC’s first Multimedia unit. Under his leadership, Gamelab has led a number of projects aimed at widening inclusion working extensively with Deaf and disabled communities.

Title: For Get out!
Martin Wright (Executive Producer)
Barbara Zambrini (Producer, Co-Director)
Andy Wan (Director)
Owen Smith (Writer)

GET OUT! is a multi-platform story.
It has a XBOX game, video as well as a comic book. Intended for Deaf and hearing audience. Dialogue is in British Sign Language.

The story of Get Out! is a story of three kids, each different. Darshan is a tall, dark, deaf and handsome 16 years old. Kandi is a 15 years old girl, sweet by name by sour by nature. Otis is Kandi’s twin brother. He is shy, quiet and blind

Title: For The Boy From Before
Martin Wright (Director)
Owen Smith (Writer)
Daryl Jackson (Co-Director)

Synopsis: This film was created by workshops with pupils at Oak Lodge School in London. All the main casts are performed by Deaf actors. Involving crew are both Deaf and hearing people. Originally created for a Children's series for BSLBT however it is re-edited for a whole piece.

This is a drama concerning a ghost from the 1940's who is seen only by our hero, Sam. He is a dispossessed kid who is on his fourth school in three years

Ashley and Alyssa Dole

Alyssa Dole is a 16 year old High School student at ASD (American School for the Deaf). A bookworm since birth, when she was 9 her father shared a film script with her and Alyssa has not stop writing since. In 2009 she served as vice president of Jr.CAD (Junior Connecticut Association for the Deaf) and represented Connecticut in the Miss Junior Deaf America Pageant in Austin, Texas. This year she is Captain of ASD's Academic Bowl team. Alyssa participated in the Northeastern Regional Academic Bowl competition where her team came in second overall and continued on to compete in the National competition at Gallaudette University in Washington DC. She can speak French and English and is fluent in ASL (American Sign Language). Early in 2010 Alyssa asked her Dad for help to write down an idea in a traditional script format, two hours later she had written her first short film - "Deaf Perception." With the help of directing mentor, Chase Bailey, Alyssa and her sister Ashley acted in their first short film together. Alyssa likes to write stories and poems almost as much as she likes to read them. She often gives her father, Marc Dole, suggestions on scripts and fixes his spelling errors. So to those who think he spells really well, the credit goes to his youngest of four daughters.

Ashley Dole is a 16 year old High School student who currently attends ASD (American School for the Deaf), Ashley was born profoundly deaf and has an identical twin sister who was born hearing. Ashley enjoys acting and is a member of her schools drama club. She participates in as many theatrical performances as time will allow. Ashley loves to draw and paint and has illustrated a book. In 2006 Ashley's art assignment in sculpture was accepted in a national traveling art expo. Ashley has traveled to Washington DC and spoken with legislators about deaf education. Ashley loves swimming and kayaking and is currently on the Varsity Volleyball team at ASD. Title: Deaf Perception

SYNOPSIS: If you could hear what they see: when deaf twin sisters encounter ignorance and prejudice at a popular coffeehouse, they turn to each other, blocking out the rest. But a compassionate soul surprises them, proving that signing is believing, and opening them up to the possibilities of good in others.

This film is written and directed by, and stars the deaf twin teens. The girls speak to each other in American Sign Language (ASL) while the other cafe patrons speak English. All dialog is subtitled to be understood by both hearing and hearing impaired viewers.

Jenine Mayring

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jenine Mayring began her career as a stage actor, singer and model. Today, she is a producer/director/writer and President of Brooklyn Girl Productions. Her award-winning track record in the industry, which includes the prestigious Davey Award and Telly Award, ranges from theater to films to commercials and beyond.

Jenine produced and directed the music video "My Zombie Boyfriend" for Emii, an indie artist in the Top 40. SIMONE, a psychological thriller that she wrote, produced and directed, was nominated for Best Short Thriller at the 2010 Trail Dance Film Festival. Jenine wrote and produced the award-winning documentary FROM SILENCE TO SOUND (Best Inspirational Documentary, 2009 New York International Film Festival) which tells the miraculous story of a deaf man who hears for the first time at age 27, distributed by IndieFlix. A former American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter and instructor, her credits as an ASL consultant include the hit TV shows ER and nip/tuck.

Jenine earned her bachelor's degree in Theater Arts (Acting & Directing) from the State University of New York at New Paltz (alma mater of John Turturro) in only three years. Prior to that, she graduated with honors from the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School with a major in Graphic Communications. A certified SCUBA diver, tennis player and four-time marathoner, Jenine lives in West Hollywood but she will always be a Brooklyn Girl.

SYNOPSIS: When you can't tell the difference between memories… and nightmares… who do you trust.

Hilari Scarl

Hilari is an award-winning director who was selected out of 12,000 filmmakers to appear on the Steven Spielberg television series ON THE LOT. She received outstanding reviews from judges Garry Marshall, Carrie Fisher, Jon Avnet and Brett Ratner on her short comedy DITTO and for her cinematic vision and overall strength in working with actors.

Hilari has produced TV shows for CBS, The History Channel, TLC and Court TV. She directed/produced over 12 short films in two years, including the short documentary PAVING THE WAY which was a finalist for International Documentary Challenge, played the film festival circuit and was acquired by Current TV. Her narrative short SNIPS & SNAILS is a horror spoof that she directed, co-wrote and co-produced with Gary Anthony Williams. The film won the Audience Award at the Dances With Films festival and became a cult classic at film festivals around the world.

Hilari's interest in the deaf community began in 1992 when she started working in deaf theatre. She has spent the past 18 years working with the deaf community as a director, performer and educator with the Tony Award winning National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD), the Deaf Arts Council, New York Deaf Theatre and Deaf West. She brings her intimate knowledge of deaf culture, personal friendships within the deaf community and signing skills to this documentary. spacer



Synopsis: Four deaf entertainers - a comic, a drum
mer, an actor and a singer triumph over personal obstacles and celebrate professional landmarks.

Sun. 10/10
(5:15PM – 7:00 PM)
NYU Cantor Film Center
36 East Eighth Street
NY, NY 10003 
$15 at door